Saturday, 16 June 2012


    I and my friend devaraj invited our friends for seminar on his home.From that our sebastian sir shows some videos to them.Then they said that theywant to join this online course because they like it.In this course they can study both spoken english and vedic maths.This study is through online by connecting with other nation.So they want to join the class.

my First Lesson

Using cardboard pieces to multiply.Cardboard pieces are one unit square,ten unit rectangle and hundred unit square.using this we can find the multiplication.
I've been learning GeoGebra.Now iam ready to teach it.Now i Know vedic maths & GeoGebra.I also learned to teach GeoGebra using geometrical pieces.This will help the children to under stand maths very iam also learning to teach maths using patterns(A,B,C,D,E).This is the method will be usefull to understand the logic of mathematics.
Now iam happy to say iam a GeoGebra ambassador. 

The Joahn bapitist day

     It was a great day for me.I and my frids went to south ezhippuram school for a seminar.We connected with siberia in russia.The joahn bapitist day is the day which celebrited by throwing color waters to others like holy.We set this seminar inside the shcool computer lab.By using skype we connect the siberian student by video confrence . Teachers and students participated in the confrence.They were excited and enjoy the  Joahn bapitist day.On of the student sing a song to the siberian students.the teaher who connected with us was Svetlana Rovenskaya .

South ezhippuram school

It was a great day for me.Because I and my friends went to ezhippuram school.It was anice school and i like the school and the students.They were friendly with us.The teachers were good .Every one in the school were good and i like it.The reason went to the school.Because to ask for conducting a seminar on online class,video conferencing....etc.And to become a good school.

Friday, 15 June 2012

"food safety"

I and my friends went to seminar on topic "food safety".For the inaguration  k.v thomas was invited.The main point of this seminar is wastage of  food.this seminar was conducted by "BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS".The person who conducted the seminar brougth many new methods for the nation to improve the wastage food articles.For the tea shops,they plan new method for them .Because they put the waste near the road.This was the first seminar in india which conducted in kochi.From this seminar we got  idea about,how we can conduct a seminar.Then this going through the other states also.In there also stated the activites by this seminar.  

Friday, 20 April 2012

GeoGebra Warrior

As I started learning GeoGebra to start my online teaching career, I needed a bank account to get the fee from abroad deposited into my bank. Hence I decided to take a SBI bank account as it was very near.

I and my friends went to the State Bank of India, Mattancherry .One of the staff in the bank told me to ask  the next officer. We went to ask him for an application form .He didn't give and he said that he is busy in his work and sent me to yet another officer. After going to three different places and not getting a simple application form, we asked for the manager . The security staff didn't let us in. He said "Sir is busy you can't see him now. We saw that the so called Manager was simply walking around there. Anyway, we decided that the bank does not deserve our account.

I am learning to teach Mathematics using GeoGebra at GeoGebra Institute of Kerala. We went back to the class and reported our experience to our teacher.